Pre-Season Prep

One of the key requirements to being a member of a quality soccer team is physical conditioning, and the key to any conditioning program is the athlete. No matter how good the program may be, nothing is truly accomplished unless the athlete maintains the workouts and develops good personal fitness habits. There is a significant difference between making a decision to get fit today or making a commitment to being a fit person during the off season.

Any soccer training program should be based on one simple observation: soccer is a game that requires you to run, run a lot, and run and move in many different ways. Anytime you are focusing on soccer-specific fitness, you should be doing one of two things:

1) Playing a lot
2) Replicating the physical demands of soccer in your training routine.

Pre-Season Prep is designed to prepare individual player for the upcoming season. The program will focus on fitness, strength, speed, and agility while including technical training. PSP will be instructed by Jose Castillo (York College Women's Head Coach) and Nicholas Costa (Adelphi University Men's Assistant Coach)

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