andGO Sports Celebrates Their Ten Year Anniversary

10th Year Anniversary Blog Post

andGO Sports recently just celebrated their ten year anniversary as a soccer recruitment agency! Founders Marco Da Fonte and Scott Knight have come a long way to form the successful program that andGO Sports is today.

How did Marco and Scott meet?

Marco and Scott met like any other soccer fans, on the field. Except for these two, instead of playing side by side, Scott was coaching Marco from the sidelines. Scott also assisted Marco getting into LIU Post, where he played on the men’s soccer team for the duration of his four years of college. 

How was andGO Sports formed?

After Scott’s time with Marco, Scott started working with BW Gottschee. BW Gottschee is soccer club that is designed to promote the development of high-quality players and hopefully bring them to the next level. While Scott was there, BW Gottschee was starting to attract MLS scouts and college coaches. 

Meanwhile, Marco had graduated from LIU and didn’t know what he wanted to. With all the connections that Scott had made, he reached out to Marco with an idea. Sooner or later the two put their heads together and decided to form a business. The business had three motives: showcasing players, increasing representation on a professional side, and university placement. Thus, andGO Sports was created.

How successful were you in the beginning compared to now?

andGO Sports officially became a business on February 8th, 2008. In the beginning, they weren’t gaining much attention. After about three years into the business, things finally started to pick up. andGO Sports started to work with individual players who were attracting attention. They also began to host showcase events and tournaments to seek out players looking for assistance. Now, the program has taken off, pursuing talent from all genders around the world.

Were there any turning points?

Some of the biggest turning points were when andGO Sports took big leaps in the program. The first being the start of the Executive Cup eight years ago. Back then, only 42 kids tried out. Nowadays, hundreds of kids have been showing up to try out, hoping to land a spot on one of the teams.

andGO Sports had the ability to turn head in the international market as well as the United States. Since their involvement with international players about five years ago, their biggest success has been with recruit Jon Bakero. With the help of andGO Sports, Bakero became a starter at Wake Forest University, recipient of the MAC Herman Trophy, was invited to the 2018 Adidas MLS Combine. Now, he plays for the MLS Chicago Fire team. Due to his success, many other players from Spain are now connected with andGO Sports.

What is the most rewarding part of andGO Sports?

Scott and Marco both agree that being able to have a voice and have the ability to influence others is one of the best parts of their job. Many college coaches appreciate andGO Sports’ ability to assess players properly. The whole goal of andGO Sports is to get high-quality players to the next level and remain connected with them in order to fulfill their desired careers on and off the field. While it can be stressful at times, they are fortunate to have the opportunity to remain involved in the soccer realm by helping others out who wish to achieve the same goals.

By: Madeline Leto

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