andGO Sports Hosts its 8th Annual Executive Cup College Showcase

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Every year, andGO Sports hosts the Executive Cup College Showcase in order to give players the opportunity to showcase their soccer skills to college coaches. In doing so, andGO Sports hopes to assist players in attending the college that’s right for them athletically and academically. 

How does it work?

The Executive Cup is designed to guide high school students looking to play at the collegiate level in the right direction. This is done through a three-day tryout process,  a two-day practice session with your designated coach, and a one-day showcase tournament. 

The tryouts are constructed to test the player’s strengths and evaluate their weaknesses. They will compete against each other in small sided and full field games throughout the duration of the tryout process. After each tryout, a portion of the men’s and women’s groups will be invited back to attend the second tryout, the third tryout, and eventually to the showcase event. The number of players that get invited back will be determined based on the intensity and quality of play of the player. 

Once the final cuts are made, the coaching staff at AGS will create teams with a sufficient amount of defenders, midfielders, and attackers in order to compete fairly against one another during the showcase event. AGS allows for two practices in order for the players and coaches to get acquainted with one another before the day of the event. During these practices, each team will do their own specialized drill for the first twenty minutes. The remainder of the time will be spent playing full field scrimmages against the other teams.

Before the event day, each player will be responsible for reaching out to college coaches, inviting them to come out and watch them play. By emailing college coaches, players will be practicing an essential part of the recruiting process that they can use for any further communication with other coaches.

In addition, AGS encourages players to find a sponsor(s) in order to cover their $200 athlete sponsorship. In doing so, we hope that students will reach out to their local community in order to keep their own costs low. This responsibility will fall on all of the participants planning to attend the event.

All in all, if everything is done correctly, the Executive Cup will be a huge success! We hope that all the players who qualify for the event will take the time to reach out to coaches and sponsors. This is what will make the event worthwhile. 

The Executive Cup College Showcase is right around the corner! It’s not too late to sign up. You can attend the first tryout on June 4th at St. Joesph’s College or June 6th at Cantiague Park. Appearing at either tryout will give you a greater chance of playing at the college level. 

To register for the Executive Cup online, click here.
If you have more questions, check out the Executive Cup College Showcase FAQ page by clicking here.
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