andGO Sports International 2018 College Showcases: Spain and Argentina

This year, andGO Sports will go abroad for its international 2018 college showcases in Spain and Argentina. If you are a player looking to play collegiate soccer in the United States, or your an American college coach looking to bring new talent to the team, this an opportunity that you won’t want to pass up. 

The showcase in Spain will take place in Barcelona from February 13-14th. The showcase in Argentina will take place in Buenos Aires from February 25-28th. During this time, players showcase their soccer skills in front of a wide variety of American college coaches. Afterwards, if players peak interests of certain coaches, they have the chance to go interview with the coach. Overall, the goal of the showcases is to get soccer players scholarships to play in the United States.

Last year, andGO sports brought out eight different D1 coaches to Valencia, Spain for a similar showcase event. Some of them included the Villanova University, the University of Akron, and the Univerisity of Pittsburgh. Now, andGO Sports plans to have at least double of the number of coaches there for double the exposure for the players!

The coaching staff at andGO Sports is looking for players with a high level of play as well as a good academic profile. Each one of them needs to bring it in order to get a chance to move up to the collegiate level. Several players from last year found the experience extremely useful and beneficial. Some of our successful international recruits include Pol Planellas, David Alvarez, and Javi Perez. (For more andGO Sports success stories, click here). 

andGO Sports is proud to host the international 2018 college showcases in Spain and Argentina. We hope to get as many recruits over to the United States as possible. This event could change the future for these athletes looking to take their soccer career to the next level.

By: Madeline Leto
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